Winter Park Hours:

(this would be the inside portion of our park only)

October 21-December 17

11 AM till 2 PM Fridays and Saturdays only

2022 Closing Dates:

The entire park and gift shop will be closed from December 18 till March 2023 (undetermined date yet). We take this time to do maintenance to the park to keep the park beautiful for your next years return. We also allow our reptiles to naturally do what they would do in the winter out in the wild here in the park. This is a form of hibernation called brumation. The reopening date for 2023 will be announced once the date has been decided. We look forward to seeing you in 2023.

Gift Shop Hours:

Our gift shop is open to the general public during park hours. You do not have to pay admissions to shop around in the gift shop area.

You may also shop with us online at

Thanks to all our the support this year. Always Remember Donations are appreciated to Feed Our Animals.

Hours and dates subject to change without notice. Call 843-869-1171 or email us at for questions or to book a group.