This is for anyone that is interested in bringing a group with them to the Serpentarium. Group rates apply to groups that are 12 or more.

We offer discounts to larger groups that book in advance of coming to the park.

We will work with each group on an individually on pricing to ensure that we can give you the best rate we offer. Some of the rates are listed below. Persons counted into the group rate are only those that are paying admissions. Children that are 3 and under do not count towards the group rate as we do not charge for them to come into the park.

We have opened Wednesdays on our off season to our larger groups. This means that if you have a group of 75 or more coming we can schedule you on these dates. This would give only your group full access to the park. You will still receive 2 shows during your visit and have access to the park from 10 am till 1pm. This will be a great way for schools and larger groups to enjoy the park. (Team up with other teachers if your group is smaller than requested to meet the group rate. Please note that you are teaming up with another school, group or teacher in the form so that we will schedule your groups together.)

For additional information on pricing and group rates please fill out our form or email us at and a staff member will get back with you soon.

We require at least 7 days prior notice when booking any field trip or group trip to get the discounted rate. Payment must be made in one payment. Persons counting towards the discount must be paying admissions (ages 4 and up).

School Field Trips

$10 for Elementary School Age Children

$12 for Middle School Age Children

$14 for High School Age Children

$14 for any additional adults beyond the amount of free chaperons provided.

Additional Group Rates

Groups of 12-20 will receive 10% off.

Groups of 21-40 will receive 15% off.

Groups of 41-75 will receive 20% off.

Please fill out the form below if interested in booking a trip with us.

Please complete this Field Trip Registration Form
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