Our Serpentarium is home to over 20+ Adult American alligators housed in two separate ponds.  Guest will enjoy watching alligators in their natural surroundings as they uncover and sometimes flaunt their individual personalities.  In Green Pond guests may see Big George, Trouble and Sampson, all over 11 feet in length.  Sometimes they’re lazy, sometimes mischievous so don’t get too close because Trouble likes to snap his massive jaws, splashing you with water!  Alligator Alley is the home to our younger and slightly smaller alligators.  Peg-leg Pete and Water Dog are only two of the characters that swim, sun and eat in this long and shady pond.  Alligators mate in early spring and each year in late June we have from 2 to 4 nests built containing eggs that will hatch in late September.  The baby ‘gators displayed inside our building are hatchlings from some of these nests.

In between Alligator Alley and Green Pond is our Nursery where you will find youth alligators born and raised at the Serpentarium ranging in age from 3 to 11 years.