Educational Programs

These are offered throughout our park during our hours of operation.

They are completely optional to attend but we do recommend each program as they are educational and gives you a chance to ask questions about our park animals. Our feeding programs give you a chance to experience these animals eating while you are able to learn many facts on the animals that are being fed. A professional staff member will lead the snake program teaching you many facts and dispelling some myths on our non venomous and venomous snakes of South Carolina. Our goal at the park is to educate on the importance of these reptiles out in the wild and why we need them.

Programs are subject to be canceled or changed if the need arises due to weather, our animals or staffing matters. While we do try our best to continue on schedule we do apologize if this occurs on your visiting day.

  • 11 am
    • Snake Program (Tuesday-Saturday)
  • 12 pm
    • Alligator Feeding/Talk (Tuesday-Saturday)
  • 1 pm
    • Venom Extraction (Tuesday and Thursday)
    • Turtle/Tortoise Feeding and/or Talk (Wednesday)
    • Crocodiles and/or Snapping Turtles Feeding and/or Talk (Friday)
    • Snake Feedings (Saturday)
  • 2 pm
    • Snake Program (Tuesday-Saturday)
  • 3 pm
    • Alligator Feeding/Talk (Tuesday-Saturday)